System Imaging

Image Development Services

Imaging comes in many shapes and sizes, and Equus has the experience to deploy your image to eliminate any in-field issues. Simple off-the-shelf operating system deployment to two-touch imaging during assembly, then last-mile network configuration just prior to shipping allows customers to order/stock systems without having to know where it will be deployed.

Equus can accept images via almost any medium making image transfer a snap. Delivery via USB, CD/DVD/BluRay, Hard Drive/SSD, FTP, VPN, API or physical system are all accepted. If larger volumes of systems need to be imaged, Equus will deploy a customer-provided PXE server on a dedicated/secure network externally accessible by the customer to deploy images and updates as needed.

Every image is revision controlled with a dedicated part number in the bill of material allowing traceability to the individual system. If support is ever needed where the boot drive needs to be replaced, the drive can be reimaged based on the image in our records, or to the currently deployed image, making a reimaging repair quick and painless.

Equus System Imaging Services


No matter if Windows, RedHat, Free BSD or DOS, Equus will image systems per the needs of the project.


  • Base system imaging with a standard OS
  • Base system imaging with an embedded OS
  • Customer-supplied imaging including configured OS, drivers, applications, configuration
  • Bare metal systems are also imaged/tested, then OS is removed
  • Two-step imaging