Integration Services

Custom Hardware Design, Rack & Integration Services

Simplify the deployment of new technology into your environment with Equus’ Integration and Implementation Services. You can count on our certified technicians to perform a wide range of services from hardware configuration and software imaging to configuration testing and complex multi-tier rack integration of servers and networks in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 certified integration center. 

System Integration Capabilities

We help our customers overcome their time-to-market constraints with the ability to integrate sub-systems (components) into a single compute solution that meets the customers’ needs.


  • Component-Level System Integration
  • Standard OS Imaging & Customer-Supplied Imaging
  • Software Installation/Testing
  • Firmware/BIOS Flashing
  • 100% Burn-in Testing
  • Build Audit Reports (EFUT)
  • Component-Level Serialization

OEM Manufacturing


Product configuration, design and lifecycle aligned with the business strategy

Model-Specific Build Documentation

Creation of Assembly Instructions, BIOS Firmware Update Instructions, Customer Component & imaging instructions, configuration-specific testing, customer packaging/shipping instructions


Forecasting/sourcing/stocking of materials, inventory management, component serialization, system integration, RAID/Volume creation, BIOS/Firmware revisioning and flashing, Customer-specific BIOS flags set

Production Testing Procedures

Ensure all components pass standard and customer-specific component-level testing procedures, Test and burn-in system to customer-acceptance criteria 

Production Imaging Procedures

Acceptable imaging media includes USB, CD/DVD, Hard Drive/SSD, PXE Server, VPN, API or physical system. End-User specific configuration/flag setting/IP/host/domain address setting once imaged

Rack Integration Capabilities

Save time and effort with our fully populated racks delivered to you completely assembled, racked, stacked, cabled, and labeled. Once your components have been set up, the system can be powered on, tested, and integrated into your environment.

Equus helps you eliminate the labor-intensive tasks required to install new server clusters, storage devices and networking equipment by utilizing our experience delivering scalable rack solutions. You will feel at ease knowing that you’ll get consistency and quality, regardless of the specific requirements for your deployment.


  • Faster Deployment
  • Reduced Costs
  • Near Zero Defects Builds
  • Increased Configuration Control
  • Improved Testing Capabilities & Automation

Types of Designs


Preassembled metal, plastics, PSU, and cabling with backplane are shipped as a kit.


All parts from level 4 attached, cables have been integrated into the chassis and I/O has been tested.


Integration of motherboard into chassis enclosure and power on test.



Additional Integration of CPU, RAM and add-on cards (GPU) into server chassis with the ability to test.



Integration of hard drives into server chassis with the ability to test.



Integration of network cards into server chassis with the ability to test.



Final Stage of manufacturing process. Full assembly of server chassis with full system and component-level testing, OS/Firmware, and software integration, delivered as a fully-integrated server solution.


Node-level assembly, testing, OS/Software loading of all server nodes followed by rack integration assembly of nodes into racks with full cable networking with switches and tested as complete solution.


Rack to multi-rack level manufacturing featured in LEVEL 11 incluiding all networking with full software loading, validation and optimization. This may include but is not limited to cluster management, cloud OS (such as OpenStatck) and networking software.