7/24 online access

PartnerLink is our Channel Partner’s single pane of glass into Equus. Tailoring systems, ordering products, creating quotes, checking/printing invoices, creating RMAs, looking up serial numbers all at the tip of your fingers 7 x 24 x 365. PartnerLink is exclusively available to our channel partners, and NOT the general public, removing the transparency you see with many online E-tailers today. PartnerLink enables our Channel Partners to move faster and be more competitive in the marketplace.

Online system configuration

Equus offers a full line of configurable client, server, workstation and storage systems through PartnerLink providing you with real-time pricing and configuration updates.

System and component ordering

Equus offers a wide range of systems to be configured. From Small Form Factor PCs to High-Performance Rack servers, we have the right configuration for you. Customers can also search and order from a wide range of component categories on PartnerLink

One account – variable access

PartnerLink is a secure system accessible only by login. Individual logins for each account can support differing access rights to enable specific team members access to only a portion of PartnerLink based on your criteria.

Configure/save quotes online

Partners can access PartnerLink configurators 7/24. Quotes can be saved in their account for future use, or immediately convert quotes to orders

Create customer-facing quotes

Our channel partners don’t want to take two steps to get a quote to their customers. In PartnerLink you don’t have to. Configure a system in one of our online configurators, save a quote for you, and then generate a customer-facing quote for your end-user including your markup directly within PartnerLink

Statement of account and financial history

PartnerLink keeps your finance team up to date on your account’s finances by providing a full statement of account as well as your financial history in easy to interpret statements. Invoices for each order are also stored in PartnerLink for quick and easy access to view or print.

Historical order details

PartnerLink stores historical order details back decades… You can reference back to any of your orders to pull up PO details, tracking numbers, delivery addresses and many other details.

System and component serial number detail search

Trying to find the details regarding a hard drive you ordered 3 years ago can be a challenge. Not with PartnerLink! Enter a system serial number or a manufacturer’s serial number from a component and bring up all of the relevant details regarding that original order.

RMA submission/status/history

PartnerLink enables you to create online RMA’s 7/24. If you have a component or a system with an issue, submit an RMA request at any time, and our Customer Support group will reach out to you to finalize the request. You can also track the status of the request as it moves through our process. If you ever need to reference back to an old RMA, they are all stored in PartnerLink for quick detailed reference.