Tailored Services for Tailored Computing Systems

Tailored Services for Tailored Computing Systems 

Equus offers a wide range of services surrounding our tailored computing products. With thousands of customers over our 30+ years purchasing more than 3 million systems, Equus’ services envelop our unique computing products and options specific to the needs of our customer. Everything from custom configurations, customer-specific imaging, PartnerLink online portal, branding and product installation. Equus can tailor our products to fit your needs.


Equus’ PartnerLink portal is the eyes and ears of our Customer’s into Equus. Our customers can tailor and order products online, lookup past orders, lookup and place RMAs and support cases and configure/quote standard and custom products.


You can count on our certified technicians to perform a wide range of services from hardware configuration and software imaging to configuration testing and complex multi-tier rack integration of servers and networks.


From deployment and warehousing, to handling the regulatory processes and global logistics, Equus provides these values-added services to ensure your project is executed on time and on budget.

System Imaging

Simple off-the-shelf operating system deployment to two-touch imaging during assembly, then last-mile network configuration just prior to shipping allows customers to order/stock systems without having to know where it will be deployed.

Custom Branding

We know how much branding contributes to the customer’s perception of your products. That’s why we offer custom branding on all of our hardware. Your customers will then have the peace of mind of working with a brand they know and products you’re proud to put your name on.